Athletic Union Officer


Benthe Tanghe

Benthe Tanghe was elected in as the Athletic Union Officer of the Students' Union by students at the Student Elections in March 2020. Benthe will be succeeded in June 2021 by Fergus Mainland.

About the Role

The Athletic Union role deals with all things sport-related and leads the development, training and support for Sports Clubs. Main responsibilities have included club grant allocation, overseeing BUCS/Non-BUCS fixtures and chairing the AU Executive Committee. This role leads on many projects such as Inclusive Sports Week, This Girl Can as well as Mission Nutrition. In recent years, the AU Officer has also been inputting ideas to the development of sports facilities at NCL and organises the legendary AU Ball as an end of year celebration of sport.

About Me & My Aims

"Originally from the Netherlands, I arrived in Newcastle for the first time as an Erasmus+ exchange student planning to only stay for one semester - this didn't happen of course! I began playing for the 1st Women’s Football team over the past couple of years and the Athletic Union became a big part of my university experience, and one of the main reasons that I didn’t want to leave Newcastle University. I ended up staying for my Masters in International Relations and I ran in the Student Elections to become the new Athletic Union Officer. "

My aim is to make Team Newcastle more inclusive, accessible, and most of all, united. Regardless of what sport you are apart of, there is still so much we can learn from each other
Sport will be running very differently to what we are used to this coming year but I will be working closely with all our clubs (and students wanting to get involved in sports) to support any challenges we may face
I am highly committed to ensuring mental health recognition and support is high up in the Athletic Union agenda this year.