Clara Pettitt

Athletic Union Officer


Hello, I’m Clara the Athletic Union Officer for 2017/2018. I look forward to working closely with all members of the AU over the next year. From Campus Leagues to performance sport, we have 68 sports teams competing regularly in BUCS competitions and local events as well as many opportunities to try new sports within the Students Union.

My aim for the next year is to ensure we continue to achieve highly in national competitions as well as encourage mass participation amongst all students, ensuring all students are represented with equal opportunities and the provisions they need to succeed.

I would love to help to enhance the experience of students and create a safe and friendly environment for all students.


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From the manifestos that they were elected on, each Sabbatical Officer has chosen six objectives to focus on. During the year they will be updating their progress by colour coding each objective:

  • Green – Complete
  • Amber – In Progress
  • Red – Can’t Do
  • Grey – Not Started

Click on each box to find out more about how they are getting on.

The date for the AU ball is booked for Friday 30th April, which will not clash with any BUCS fixtures.

Updated 19.12.17

Each week the BUCS fixtures are published on the Team Newcastle Facebook page which allows students to attend home fixtures.

Updated 19.12.17

I hosted a Welfare Officer training session on Friday 13th October which encouraged at least one member of each club to attend for welfare awareness. 47 students attended and these clubs now have trained welfare officers. Pledge cards have been introduced and are going to be published on the NUSU website from January 2018.

Updated 19.12.17

The nutrition campaign took place from Monday 6th November to Thursday 9th November. This was a great success with free food being given to students finishing their morning training sessions before their first lecture. I now look to make this campaign have a long lasting effect.

Updated 19.12.17

The sports that are in the Stan Calvert programme have changed since last year, some have been cut and some have been introduced. This year we have a Men’s 2’s Tennis team along with a Korfball competition. We also have introduced the Stan Calvert Memorial Run which is open to all students regardless of if they are in a sports team.

Updated 26.02.18

A list of taster sessions was published on the NUSU website at the start of the year: 16 clubs took part in the Refreshers Fair this year an increase on 12 previously.

Updated 26.02.18