BAME Officer

Renee Bennett

The Role

The BAME Officer is responsible for representing BAME Students and liaises with the University/external organisations. In addition to this, they are apart of the University’s Diversity Consultative Group, which is a key University committee for promoting equality and diversity across campus. They represent BAME students at NUSU meetings, including Student Council, General Meetings, Welfare, Liberation & Campaigns Committee as well as the Officers’ Forum.

About Me

Hey there! I'm Renée Bennett and I am your Bame Officer for this academic year. I am currently second year student in Politics and International Relations. I started this role because growing up as a person from a Bame background sparked the need in me to work against marginalization. With this position, I plan to work to the best of my ability to do so!


  • To identify and tackle discrimination.
  • To build a bridge between cultures.
  • To work towards the betterment of mental health of Bame students in an way possible.
  • To bring awareness to cultural issues.
  • To be a listening ear to issues students may have.
  • To counteract issues students may have.

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