Sian Dickie

Commuting Students' Officer


About me

I studied Media, Communication and Cultural Studies for my undergraduate degree but I am now going onto study Sociology for my postgraduate degree.  


Commuting Students’ Officer role is designed to help those who live further away from campus. It is focused on getting those people integrated into the Newcastle Community with the aim of making campus life, social activities and academia more accessible. While some of the aims will be applicable and useful to all students, the role is here to help those who live away from traditional student areas with their concerns.


I have been a part of liberation societies such as Feminist Society for a couple years now and I wanted this role due to my passion for better accessibility for all students. I proposed this role after recognising that the University didn't have any representatives for those who live away from traditional student areas. Being in this situation often comes with unique challenges, so I want to improve student life for those people in particular.


My objectives

A Bigger Discount on Public Transport - Working alongside the University and other educational institutions in the area, I would like to get a higher discount for all students on public transport.


Make Newcastle Paper Free - I would like to stop the University from having physical hand-in requirements. This wastes a lot of paper and having physical hand-ins means that those who live further out can sometimes miss the deadline due to unreliable transport. This is also difficult for students with accessibility issues and caring responsibilities.


A More Inclusive Freshers’ Week - I would create a network for those who live at home, so they can meet and talk with each other prior to the weeks events.


Better Storage Facilities On Campus - I would like to implement a 24 hour storage facility for those who commute to campus.