Commuting Students' Officer


Metro Kieran

Kieran Peel ("Metro Kieran") was elected into the voluntary Commuting Students' Officer role by students at the Student Elections in March 2020. Kieran was re-elected for a 2nd year & will serve the role until June 2022.

About the Role

As the Commuting Students’ Officer, you represent the views and needs of those students who may live locally, or be from the local area, as opposed to those living in halls and the city centre. Issues such as transport and timetabling for commuting students can be overlooked and this role is here to ensure that commuting students’ needs are addressed.

About Me & My Aims

Having started university in 2013 I know the Metro, 9am Metros, 11am Metros 11pm Metros, I have metroed with the best of them. That is why I am the perfect person to be Metro Kieran. I am the person Newcastle University deserves, but doesn't need right now as no one is commuting.

My main aims for this year are to push to introduce a new fleet of metro trains