Stephen Dawes

Chair of Council


My aims

  • Be impartial and fair: To best create an environment where students can put forward and discuss ideas freely by acting in accordance with strict and fair regulations.
  • Ensure your elected representatives attend student council: Keeping a public register and record of attendance, stored for 6 months, of elected council positions to create a far more transparent Student Council.
  • Create more workshops and drop-in sessions about student council: So that as students we can get the most out of our union.
  • Provide greater Accessibility: To allow those students who are not able or who have extenuating circumstances to participate in council remotely or by proxy.
  • Work for greater promotion of council: At freshers’ fairs and other such events student council ought to be represented and promoted to increase student involvement.
  • Involve the societies: Our societies are the main way that most students interact with NUSU and there should be a greater liaison with them from council.
  • Have more communication with our academic and community reps: Hard-working volunteers who put themselves forward to represent their courses, schools and communities should be contacted and consulted with directly on matters concerning them in council.
  • Be a strong advocate for the will of council: Motions passed by the council must be upheld, as chair I would do all within my power to make sure that the will of the council is not ignored.
  • Oversee website reform: NUSU website needs to be made more intuitive and student input is important especially in respect to student representation.
  • Invite more public figures: We are a world-leading university and Union and we ought to reach out and invite more public figures, celebrities and politicians to our great university to the benefit of our students.