Editor of the Courier

About Me

"Hi, my name is Ella! With the current challenges we are all facing, I think that student media and journalism will be more important than ever to bring students together and keep them informed and engaged with University life.

If you want to find out more about our student media, you can find me in the Courier office on the first floor of the Students Union, buried behind piles of papers, probably stressing over a font size or something… "


My Aims

  1. Improving the distribution of the Courier. I was lucky enough to get involved in student media early, but many aren’t aware of the opportunities available to them until much later into their time at uni.
  2. Revamping the online presence of the Courier as students are increasingly turning online to engage with student media.
  3. Include more collaborative links with NSR and NUTV.
  4. Relevance and readership: I want to make the paper more relevant and engaging for all students with the introduction of the relationships section, publishing comments about articles, and a bigger, better puzzles page!

Officer Updates