Pablo Charro de la Fuente

Education Officer


About me

My role at the Student Union it's to liaise with the university to enhance the education experience of students. In my role I ensure that the university adapts its learning and teaching strategies to students from all backgrounds and cultures. My ultimate goal is that every student feels supported and comfortable with their education.

If you have ideas that you think can improve the education at university, or If you think I can help you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I am originally from Madrid, and I have lived in Newcastle for the past three years. During this time I have involved myself in many different academic projects, and ultimately this motivated me to nominate myself for Education Officer.

I strongly believe in the important role of student representation to improve the experience of students at university. For that reason, I work very closely with all the UG Course and School Reps to enhance the education at the university.


My objectives

During this year, I want to improve the learning tools available to students at university, and especially the digital ones. These means need to be improved and adapted to create a more useful and efficient learning environment at Newcastle University.


I want to focus on improving the use of the facilities as well. Newcastle University has exceptional spaces around campus, and the use of them shouldn't be restrained to specific activities. In this role, I want to remove the structural barriers, and think of more functional and useful uses of the spaces.


Ultimately, I want to create a learning and teaching environment that is affordable, and concerned with the wellbeing, and with the employability of the students.