About Me

"At Newcastle, I took my  Undergrad in Media & Cultural studies, and a Masters in Sociology. Through these experiences, I feel I can understand students who are at various life stages. The main commonality is that students at all stages desire a good quality educational experience. Having a research background in widening participation, I have a passion to achieve this good quality of education for students at all stages and from all backgrounds. There should be no inequalities in educational access from the point of admission, to the success you achieve after graduation. "


My Aims

  1. Since writing my original manifesto my aims have shifted. Reducing the impact of Covid-19 on our education is my main priority. I want students to have the support that they need from personal tutors and to expand the scope of PEC forms.
  2. I hope to produce a Study Space Guide for campus, so students are aware of busy spaces and feel safe when they arrive.
  3. To create an Education Protection Framework. Post-Covid, this will aim to continue the accessibility features that have benefited marginalised groups.
  4. Additionally, this will protect students in uncertain periods such as future strikes or further lockdowns.