Christopher Winter

Students with Faith or Belief Officer


About me

I am the officer for faith and belief. This means that I represent students who hold a faith in the Students Union Council.

I speak with students of faith and get their opinion on what direction the union should be taking. 


I was born and raised in East Yorkshire and Hull. This is the first role I have held within the university as I am a second year student.

I wanted to be in the role because I saw a serious need for a faith and belief officer who took their job seriously and pragmatically.


My objectives

My main objective this year is to rebuild trust between the different faith societies on campus and the student’s union. This is part of my ‘faith forum’ plan.


Essentially, I intend to hold regular and routine meetings with the leaders of the respective faith societies on campus to give them a real opportunity to tell me how they feel about issues being raised in council. (They are my ‘constituents’ after all). I also plan on promoting faith on campus through the Students Union.


My latest reports

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