Faith or Belief Officer

Shah Yaseen Ali

The Role

This role ctively seeks feedback from students with a faith or belief and acts as their representative voice at the Students' Union and the University. You will coordinate the Faith or Belief forum and run campaigns and events to raise the awareness of issues faced by students with faith or belief

About Me

Hi, I am Yaseen a second year law student and the new Faith and Belief officer. I am a practising Muslim and therefore I understand the importance of religion and spirituality for all people of faith. I have been involved with student politics since my first year and have taken up a variety of roles within the SU including serving on scrutiny committee. I will work hard to ensure that the voice of all students who have a faith or belief is heard.


  • Work closely with belief societies on campus to tackle the mental health crisis facing students
  • Hold multi religious activities to encourage greater cooperation between all belief societies
  • Work closely with belief societies to ensure their voices are heard
  • Conduct regular surveys to ensure that I am representing students on the issues that matter to them
  • Protect the right of all students to practice their faith or belief on campus freely

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