Marginalised Genders Officer.

Nathan Hartley was elected during the re-election for the role in November Student Council.


The Role.

The Marginalised Genders Officer is responsible for ensuring that issues concerning discrimination against marginalised genders are accurately represented within NUSU and the University. They'll also work closely with the other Liberation Officers and NUSU’s Welfare & Equality Officer to provide representation, advice and awareness to those affected by gender discrimination.


About Me.

Hi everyone! My name is Nathan, my pronouns are he/him, and I am your Marginalised Genders Officer for this academic year of 2021/2022.
I'm an undergraduate, second-year Computer Science student, as well as the Social Secretary for the NUCATS society so you'll mainly find me wandering around the USB.
As a marginalised gender myself, I understand the importance of our experiences/issues being heard and well represented, and that is what I hope to achieve over this academic year. Very excited and looking forward to working with you all!

My Aims.

Work closely with the Feminist and LGBTQ+ society to accurately represent our communities.

Promote those who are marginalised genders who work/study in male dominated industries.

Allow marginalised genders to speak freely about their experiences and issues.

Provide detailed advice for transgender and non-binary folks about transitioning.

Provide sanitary bins in each cubical of all toilets within the university.

My Updates.

Find out what I've been up to this year.