Marginalised Genders' Officer

Jennifer Mills was elected in as your Marginalised Genders' Officer in the 2020 Student Elections. This Officer role is the representative for anyn student who identifies as being of marginalised gender at the Students' Union.

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About Me

Gender identity is something that impacts us all and my journey has inspired me to help others who have faced difficulties because of it.

I'm going into my third year of English Literature with an aim of going into teaching and eventually have my own family. I'm actively engaged in politics and trying to make the world fairer for the next generation.


My Aims

In my capacity as MGO, I will seek to raise tolerance on campus for different gender identities. Areas of gender-related issues I'm passionate about include improving mental health for grooming victims, raising awareness for strategies for marginalised genders to keep safe, targeting the prescriptive and damaging attitudes towards gender that many people still have, and increase access to opportunities for marginalised genders.