International Students' Officers

Hussnain Shahid & Ali Zhuhad were elected in as your co-International Students' Officers in the 2020 Student Elections. This Officer position is representative of International students at the University & Students' Union.

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About Me

We are NUSU International Students Officer for the year 2020-2021. We are currently enrolled in Bachelors degrees & originate from Lahore, Pakistan. We were involved in various NUSU societies and events during 2019-2020. We understand International student concerns and complications during and post-pandemic.

We will work at our best to be an effective mediator between International students and University administration. We will be lobbying for protection of the rights of the International student body on campus.


My Aims

  1. Represent International Student’s voice.
  2. Ensuring adequate comfort is provided to all International students.
  3. Eliminate racism from societies.
  4. Understand and work out pandemic related problems faced by International Students.
  5. Promote equality & diversity on campus through awareness events as well as campaigns.
  6. Ensure that the interests of international students are adequately represented.
  7. Work with NUSU & Admin to speed up the process of issuance of CAS Letters to Internationals.
  8. Improve the level of transparency between International Students & the Students Union.