LGBTQ+ Officer

Ben Campbell was elected in as your LGBTQ+ Officer in the 2020 Student Elections. This Officer role is the representative for all LGBTQ+ students at the Students' Union.

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About Me

Hi, my name's Ben Campbell and I am a Third-year Biomedical Sciences Student. This is my 4th year at Newcastle University and in my time here I have loved engaging with the LGBTQ+ community. For the last 2 years, I have sat on the LGBTQ+ Society Exec, which has been so rewarding and helped prepare me for this role. I am so excited to further represent LGBT+ students in the university and work towards a more inclusive campus.


My Aims

  1. Host an LGBT+ Forum each term to hear from students as to what they want from their Students Union.
  2. Push for more Gender Neutral Bathrooms and their inclusion in future buildings and renovations.
  3. Host Trans Awareness Week and LGBT+ Awareness Week, with a heavier focus on online campaigning and action.
  4. Increase the quantity and accessibility of LGBT+ specific resources and services on campus.
  5. Create and Host an LGBT+ podcast/radio show, talking about LGBT+ history, present day experiences, and topical conversations.