LGBT+ Officer

Ben Campbell

Ben Campbell was elected into the voluntary role of LGBT+ Officer by students at the Student Elections in March 2020. Ben will be succeeded in June 2021 by Victoria Osho.

About the Role

The NUSU LGBT+ Officer is responsible for representing the interests of LGBT+ students within the Students’ Union and the University. They oppose all prejudices and discrimination against people who are LGBT+ on campus and raise awareness of issues of sexuality and gender. They liaise with the LGBT+ Society and will be a non-executive non-voting member on the Society’s committee.

About Me & My Aims

Hi, my name's Ben Campbell and I am a Third-year Biomedical Sciences Student. This is my 4th year at Newcastle University and in my time here I have loved engaging with the LGBTQ+ community. For the last 2 years, I have sat on the LGBTQ+ Society Exec, which has been so rewarding and helped prepare me for this role. I am so excited to further represent LGBT+ students in the university and work towards a more inclusive campus.

Host an LGBT+ Forum each term to hear from students as to what they want from their Students Union.
Create and Host an LGBT+ podcast/radio show, talking about LGBT+ history, present day experiences, and topical conversations
Increase the quantity and accessibility of LGBT+ specific resources and services on campus
Host Trans Awareness Week and LGBT+ Awareness Week, with a heavier focus on online campaigning and action
Push for more Gender Neutral Bathrooms and their inclusion in future buildings and renovations