Amani Alrossies

Student Parents, Guardians & Carers Officer


  Feel free to contact me anytime.


About me

My role is represent all students as a parent, guardian and/or carer (i.e. anyone who cares, unpaid, for another person who suffers from a physical or mental illness or an addiction and could not cope without their support).  


I am international students of PhD program in institution of cellular medicine. I am also mother for two little boys.  I were an academic supervisor at college of pharmacy for five years and dealt with students’ difficulties. Therefore, I feel that I want to pursue of helping students who they are with dependents and/or with unpaid caring responsibilities, with particular regard to flexible teaching and timetabling, funding, information, advice and guidance, childcare and any other relevant issues.


My objectives

  • Identify student carers at Newcastle university and build a supportive community
  • Raise awareness of serviced available at the university
  • Work with university and external organizations on issues that affect students with caring responsibilities.  
  • Investigate the possibility of demand of a student parent’s society
  • Organise events/ actively campaign for student carers when they need.