Students Parents, Guardians & Carers Officer

Harriet Stanway-Gordon was elected in as your SPGC Officer in the 2020 Student Elections. This Officer role is the representative for students with dependancies or caring repsonsibilities at the Students' Union.

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About Me

I am a PhD student in Medicinal Chemistry, as well as being the mother of a 6-year-old. I had my daughter during my undergraduate degree, and since then have gone on to study a Masters, and now a PhD, alongside being a parent.

As such, I feel that I have an understanding and appreciation of the issues that parents and carers can face at all stages of their academic career, and I wanted to help support others who are in a similar situation.


My Aims

My main aims this year are to: establish an affordable source of childcare for students outside of term-time; hold regular focus groups with current student parents and carers to identify areas where they feel extra support or assistance is required, and work alongside the university to incorporate more child-friendly work-spaces on campus. That being said, this academic year could look very different from those we have known before. And, so additionally, I would really like to create a community of support for people who fall under the umbrella of my role (as I know how tough it can get sometimes!)