Karina Sorrels

Postgraduate Officer


My role

My role at the SU is to ensure the inclusiveness of Postgraduate Taught and Research Students within the wider university. Transferring into postgraduate studies is a quite daunting event whether you have come straight from an undergraduate study, taken a break, worked, or are returning as a mature student. In order to ease this process you’ll find me either around the campus running campaigns to promote the Postgraduate experience, or in the office working on more internal programs, and answering any questions, concerns or comments you may have. I am here to represent and help you throughout your time at Newcastle University so feel free to drop in and have a chat.  


About me

Born in Texas, USA and raised in Connecticut, USA. Completed a double bachelors degree in English: Culture and Media Studies and History & Global Studies at Bishop’s University, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada before following my passion for British History at a Masters level in Newcastle. At my time in Newcastle as a student, I found a passion for student representation through my work as a Course and School Rep, which led me to run for Postgraduate Officer in an attempt to continue raising awareness of postgraduate issues. My passions include travelling, attending concerts, YouTube and the Arts. 



Objectives & Reports

  • Reforming the SSP to be more inclusive to Postgraduate Students
  • Campaign for more mental health resources directed to the needs of Postgraduate Students
  • Ensure the inclusivity of Postgraduate Students within societies, clubs and the general university

  • Change, Advise, Represent, Enhance 
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