Postgraduate Officer.

Eleanor McCarthy was elected in during the NUSU Students Elections 2021

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The Role.

The Postgraduate Officer role (recently added to our Officer team) ensures that the University acts on Postgraduate concerns and difficulties as well as drives more opportunities and activities to help better integrate postgraduates into the Students' life on campus. Students running for the PG Sabbatical Officer position must be a PG student in the calendar year of the opening of nominations to the post, pending clarification of any visa eligibility and requirements.

About Me.

Hi, my name is Eleanor! I've lived in Newcastle for 4 years, first doing a BA in Dance and then starting at Newcastle University last year for my MA in Arts, Business and Creativity. I am now your Postgraduate Officer at Newcastle University Students' Union and I am so excited to start my new role! I ran for this position as it was an amazing opportunity to help support postgraduates, fighting for their views to be heard and helping to improve the postgraduate experience for all.

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My Aims.

Fight for continued funded extensions

More support for PG's feeling isolated

Run PG specific social events

Continue campaigns to decolonise the Uni

Represent all PG views in university meetings

Improve treatment of PGRs who teach

My Updates.

Find out what I've been up to this year.


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