Ronnie Reid



Hi! My name is Ronnie Reid and I’m honoured to have been elected President for 2017-2018. My role is a representative one. From the media to the local community and University, it is my responsibility to put forward the views of students to summarise and improve your experience here at Newcastle.

On top of my very important representative functions, I also have a set of manifesto pledges which I  continue to work on. From typing exams to launching The Speaker Series, I’m very excited to make changes which will make our university experience even better. You can check out the status of my commitments below.

Newcastle has been by far and away both the best and biggest experience of my life, and it would be a pleasure to be a part of maximising your enjoyment of this great University.

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Last post 24 Feb 2017
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From the manifestos that they were elected on, each Sabbatical Officer has chosen six objectives to focus on. During the year they will be updating their progress by colour coding each objective:

  • Green – Complete
  • Amber – In Progress
  • Red – Can’t Do
  • Grey – Not Started

Click on each box to find out more about how they are getting on.