Katie Smyth



About me

I’m a Scouse, hardworking, fun-loving gal trying to battle the stereotype that all history students become teachers. You'll most likely hear me around campus before you see me, but when you do I’m always up for a chat. You might not see my 5ft 2” self behind my desk, but you can find me in the Rep & Dem Office, just opposite the Co-op in the main entrance. 


My role is to represent the student voice and make sure everyone’s aware of all the SU can provide and support you with in terms of social, advisory and wellbeing aspects of the union- there’s so much on offer. We all know there’s lots of ways the union can be improved and I want to try and make sure to drive and focus on this this year. Keen to know what you lot think, so any issues let me know.


My objectives

  • Get more people involved in the union.
  • Make sure the union is a port of call for any issues students face.
  • Reading week.
  • Revitalisation of SU spaces.
  • Society-wide welfare officers.
  • Re-distribution of print credits.
  • Sexual assault awareness and aid.
  • Make sure campus is a safe space for everyone.
  • Collaborate more with international support services.


My latest reports

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