Students' Union President


Dorothy Chirwa

Dorothy Chirwa was elected in as President of the Students' Union by students at the Student Elections in March 2020. Dorothy will be succeeded in June 2021 by Abbie Hutchinson.

About the Role

As the lead representative of the Students' Union, the President has a unique responsibility in representing all students. As chair of the Trustee Board and a member of the highest level committees of the University, the President leads on representing students on key issues with the University, nationally and in the community. From lobbying the University to provide free sanitary items across campus to overseeing the University's divestment from fossil fuels, the role is perfect for anyone whose natural leadership and initiative can be used to create impactful positive change.

About Me & My Aims

"Originally from Leeds, I moved here to do a history degree and now that I've graduated I just can't seem to leave the toon. During my time at uni I've been president of the History Society and involved in campaigns in the SU such as Black is Gold. My role is to represent the student voice and make sure everyone is aware of all the SU can provide and support you with. I'm here to make sure that you know that I'm here to fight for the students and make your lives better."

Increase transparency from the university about how they deal with discrimination on campus and how they spend money.
Expand wellbeing services by shortening waiting times and offer one-off appointments
Decrease hidden costs associated with uni such as making graduations cheaper
Increase sustainability by making swaps across the university and continue the push to be carbon neutral
Decolonise the curriculum pledge across all the teaching departments