Rabeeyah Cheema

Racial Equality Officer


About me

My role as Racial Equality Officer is to support the BAME community at Newcastle and to celebrate and raise awareness of the different cultures on our campus. I hope to achieve this through different campaigns such as Black History Month and Chinese New Year, plus more.


Hi! My name is Rabs and ever since starting University 2 years ago, I have been involved in numerous societies, including being the ‘BAME Rep’ role on 2 different liberation societies’ committees. I love being able to represent people of colour and celebrate our achievements and cultures, as well as raising awareness on our unique perception of Uni life. I was passionate about continuing this work and so ran for the Racial Equality Officer position. 


My objectives

  • Setting up a community committee with members of various ethnicities and races to fully represent BAME students
  • Organising different university campaigns, such as Black History Month in October and the Chinese New Year in January
  • Work with different societies to make sure they are being as inclusive as possible
  • Work with the Welfare and Equality Officer to make sure the people I represent are being supported and valued in Newcastle University