BAME Officer

Sohum Pandya was elected in as your BAME Officer in the 2020 Student Elections. Your BAME Officer is the representative for Black, Asian, & Minority Ethnic students at the Students' Union.

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About Me

Hi, I am Sohum a 4th year dental student and the new BAME officer at NUSU. Last year I carried out Newcastle's first-ever campaign, breaking down misconceptions and prejudices and raising awareness of Hindu, Sikh, and brown ethnic minorities as president of HAS society.

I realised that there was a huge under-representation of other minorities within the SU and university. Although, this campaign was a huge success I definitely think more still needs to be done in tackling racial issues and enhancing multi-cultural education amongst students.


My Aims

In this role, I will endeavor to enhance cultural awareness via food stalls, celebratory and educational campaigns, and events throughout the year. I will also be creating platforms and events to celebrate the differences that make all our students unique, as there is unity in diversity, including a multicultural talent show showcasing an array of talents within BAME communities. I will also be continuing to expand the racial forum to give more BAME students a platform to voice their experiences and concerns whilst being able to promote their events and societies aiming to build a more cohesive network of students.