Chair of Scrutiny

Haaris Qureshi was elected in as your new Chair of Scrutiny in the 2020 Student Re-Election during the first Student Council of the Year.

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About Me

I am Haaris Qureshi, I have been a member of NUSU since 2014, and have pretty much got stuck into a vast majority of the amazing activities you can do at the Union. Since my first year I have been a participant in Students' Council, and I am currently, in my seventh year here, your Chair of Scrutiny. I hope to bring my knowledge of NUSU procedures and experience of sitting on Executive Committees to help streamline and review the disciplinary and scrutiny process.


My Aims

  1. Completely review the disciplinary procedure so it is consolidated, accessible and transparent. Students need to be aware of the powers they are entitled to in order to action complaints and have satisfactory feedback, while still maintaining the appropiate level of confidentiality.
  2. Improve transparency between NUSU governing bodies, Officers and the members.
  3. I am not afraid to call out officers and governing bodies. I have spent my entire NUSU career pestering the officers, and I'm not stopping now - if there's something you think isn't being chased up, please let me know!