Welfare & Equality Officer

About Me

"Hi, I'm Nadia! I've just graduated with an English Literature degree. In both first and second year at Newcastle, I was part of the Northern Angels cheerleading team, which was incredibly fun and I met the best people doing it! However, it also made me aware, that particular sports/extra-curricular activities aren't taken as seriously as others, particularly if participants are mainly women. This is part of what has driven my passion for representing women, people of colour, and the LGBTQ+ community on campus. I'm excited to use my role to enhance equality and wellbeing for students. "

My Aims

  1. Advocate for minority groups on campus
  2. Raise awareness of inequality and discrimination
  3. Celebrate the different cultures within our community
  4. Empower students to embrace their differences 
  5. Increase the number of all-gender toilets around campus
  6. Implement tangible strategies for change
  7. Amplify the voices, perspectives, and ideas of minority students
  8. Launch a campaign for body positivity & self-acceptance
  9. Challenge and improve the university's current waiting list for Mental Health support