Sara Elkhawad

Welfare & Equality Officer


About me

My role at the SU is to ensure students of all backgrounds and cultures, including those from marginalised groups, are represented on campus. You’ll see me running various campaigns throughout the year, or helping students running their own campaigns on issues that matter to them.


It’s easy to find yourself making friends on your course or from cultures that you naturally gravitate too. But as Newcastle University is such a vibrant and diverse space, I am keep to help students celebrate and share their experiences with students from all different walks of life.


Mental health is also a big priority of mine, knowing that the financial, academic and social pressures that come with university can sometimes get quite overwhelming. There is lots of support available for you through both the university and the union, and across this year I’ll be running a mental-health campaign to raise awareness on some of the key mental health issues students face and the different ways to tackle these issues.


My objectives

  • Run key campaigns for marginalised students including Black History Month and LGBT+ Awareness/ Pride
  • Provide a voice/advice for students who want to set up their own campaigns
  • Provide alternative mental health provisions for students, such as art (music, art, creative writing) wellbeing workshops that allow students to develop their creative side
  • More emphasis on the importance of sexual consent in freshers week and SHAG week
  • Make drug and STI testing more readily available on campus.


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