Jonny Hall - Education Officer

Hi! I’m Jonny and I am the NUSU Education Officer for 2018/2019. My job is to make sure that NUSU represents your academic interests and that you have a say in your education while you are studying at Newcastle University. This is achieved through the academic student representation system, and this is how it works:

For every course or programme within the University there is at least one Course Rep representing every 20 students. This means that every student can give their feedback (good or bad!) on pretty much any aspect of their course or academic experience. Each Course Rep sits on a committee called a Student-Staff Committee (SSC) that meets to discuss all this feedback and work with staff to make improvements. This SSC is chaired by a student and there may also be a student secretary. The committee then feed into their School Rep, who is the school's student voice when the faculty makes decisions, and then these School Reps report to me at Education Executive Committee, so I can make sure your voice will be heard at the highest levels in the University!