Ethics & Environment Rep


Social responsibility, sustainability and effectiveness are three of NUSU’s key values. Helping NUSU achieve these values, the Ethics & Environment (E&E) Rep works with students and on behalf of students to push forward with NUSU’s sustainable values, ethical responsibilities and each of our individual roles as global citizens. 

Time commitment (average over period of office): at least 1-2 hours per week. 

This volunteer role is a position elected each academic year at NUSU Student Council. Usually it is elected at the last meeting of the academic year for the forthcoming year, but for 2020/21 it will be elected at the first meeting. 


How to Apply : 


If you have an interest in climate change and sustainability, like to campaign and have time to attend NUSU and University meetings, we want to hear from you! The 2020/21 Ethics and Environment (E&E) Rep is elected at NUSU Student Council at the first meeting of the year. Don’t let that put you off as it is a pretty simply process of coming forward and giving reasons as to why you would be great for the role. The Your Voice team can talk you through the process and the full job description. We are here to help. Email to find out more or register your interest.


Main Tasks: 

  1. Works with the NUSU President to implement policies on sustainability. 
  2. Convenes the Student Environment & Sustainability Committee at least six times a year.  
  3. Liaises with student sustainability representatives from Schools and NUSU societies to deliver activities, initiatives and campaigns.  
  4. Works with the University’s Sustainability Team to promote student engagement, representation and stainable development across the University.  


  1. Student Life Exec (SLE) - a NUSU meeting where members of SLE lead on campaigns and projects decided within the Exec to enhance and improve student life for the students they represent. 
  2. Student Council – NUSU’s highest student representative body that gives you and all the students of Newcastle University a say on what your Students’ Union should be focusing on and how it’s run. 
  3. Student Environment & Sustainability Committee – a student focused committee, chaired by the E&E Rep, that looks at environment and sustainability issues across the University. 
  4. University Environment and Sustainability Committee – the University’s committee for discussing environment and sustainability issues across campus.  
  5. Officer’s Forum – a bi-monthly meeting of NUSU Sabbatical Officers, Liberation Officers, NUSU Chairs and the E&E Rep. 

You can meet the 2019/20 E&E Rep here and catch up on their work and the work of the 2019/20 Officers here