What are Hall Reps?

Hall Reps are student volunteers living in halls who have agreed to represent the student body in their accommodation. They will attend at least three Hall Exec meetings during the academic year. The Hall Exec meetings will be chaired by the NUSU president and attended by staff from the University’s Accommodation Services and Hall Reps from across the University. There will also be the opportunity to get together as a hall Rep team to plan campaigns and events in Halls.

At the Hall Exec meetings Hall Reps will let the Accommodation Services staff know about the big issues that students face in your halls. They will then work with them to come up with practical solutions to the issues raised that will help improve the living experience in your accommodation! 


What are Hall Reps' responsibilities?

As a Hall Rep your main responsibilities would be to:

  • Promote to students that you are a Hall Rep.
  • Find out what students think about living in your halls
  • Attend three Hall Exec meetings over the year, where you would represent the views of students in your halls
  • Attend meetings to plan campaigns and events for students living in Halls
  • Feedback to students in your halls what has been achieved at the meetings you have attended and look for feedback on the changes

How do I become a Hall Rep?

Sign-up for Hall Reps will soon be open! For more details, let us know who you are and which halls you will be living in and we will let you know all about the role. If you can't see your Halls in the drop down list please email cdc.union@ncl.ac.uk

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