Student Life Reps


Being a Student Rep is a great way to contribute to the student experience. Not only do Reps gain valuable skills but many of the projects and campaigns they lead or support have a profound effect on others. For 2020/21 we are looking for four students to take on our four Rep positions as part of the Student Life Exec (SLE). 

SLE is student-focused, student-led, and student-owned and is one of the ways that NUSU Your Voice supports representation.   

Newly established for this year, SLE replaces the Hall and Community Exec and will become part of the NUSU democratic structure. SLE includes a student rep or NUSU Officer from the following areas; NUSU, University accommodation, the local community, commuting students, ethics and environment, and volunteering. Each Rep or Officer will lead on campaigns and projects decided within the Exec to enhance and improve student life for the students they represent. 

Membership of the Exec include the President, Hall Rep, Community Rep, Ethics and Environment Rep, Volunteer Rep, & Commuting Students' Officer.


Community Rep

Our Community Rep lives in one of the designated areas where there is a high number of student residents and works on community bases issues.

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Hall Rep

Our Hall Rep lives in and represents students living in University (& partnered) halls and accommodation.

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Ethics & Environment Rep

This Rep position pushes sustainability, ethical values & how to take responsibility for our roles as global citizens.

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Volunteer Rep

Our Volunteer Rep represents and supports volunteering within the Student Life Exec as well as projects and campaigns at NUSU.

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