Chair of Council 
Errol Kerr
Hi, I'm Errol and I will lead and chair all Student Council meetings over the year and will be involved in the training of Student Council members. This year I will be using my role to improve attendance at and engagement with Student Council to ensure the voice of students is met and heard equally across all aspects and subjects.

Student Council is the highest student representative body in your Students' Union and is something that you can all get involved in. It exists to ensure that students have a say over how their Union is run and what policies are adopted.  Student Council can discuss the campaigns we run, the events we support, hear what your elected officers are up to, and scrutinises the work we are doing every day for our students. It also decides on what major issues may need representing to the University, or nationally within the student movement.

But none of this works without students. This really is your chance to have your say.



What's Happening

Wellington St Petition

Following March's Council, NUSU President, Ronnie Reid, has created a petition to ask the local council to protect Newcastle students and put in place urgent safety measures.

March Council Results!

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February Council
February Council results

NUSU Council tackling the hard issues on campus.

Information about the new voting system.

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