Council Membership


Chair of Student Council

Errol Kerr (non-voting when in the Chair except to break ties)  

Sabbatical Officers

Ronnie Reid President  
Rowan South Education Officer  
Sarah Craggs Welfare and Equality Officer  
Rebecca Bainbridge Activities Officer  
Clara Pettitt AU Officer  
James Sproston Editor of the Courier  

Part-Time Officers

  Marginalised Genders Officer  
Sneha Vincent International Students' Officer  
Hannah Fitzpatrick LGBT+ Officer  
Kemi Adediran Racial Equality Officer  
Emma Dawson Scrutiny Officer  
Zoe Godden Students with Disabilities Officer   
Holly Waddell Student Parents, Guardians and Carers Officer  
Hasham Gill Students' with Faith and Belief Officer  
To be elected Freshers' Week Organisers (job-share)  


Meg Long NSR Station Manager  
Karishma Joshi NUTV Station Manager  
Ciara Ritson-Courtney Campaigns Representative  
Andrew Stark Ethics and Environment Representative  

Hall Reps

Ernest Adu-Byamfi Hall Rep  
Chloe Delew Hall Rep  
Iona Crichton Hall Rep  
Konstantinos Valtetsiotis Hall Rep  
Addy Cyrus Hall Rep  
Veronica Lingye Hall Rep  

School Reps

Samantha Cooke School Rep  
Emma Kampouraki School Rep  
Martha King School Rep  
Michael Morrison School Rep  
Timur Osadchiy School Rep  
Gillian Salmon School Rep  
Alice Schonenberger Ruzzier School Rep  
Jacoub Sleibi School Rep  
Amy Thomson School Rep  

Welfare and Citizenship Executive Committee

Jennifer Layden    
Markie Jane Ruther    
To be elected    
NIghtline Representative Nightline Representative  

Community Executive Commmittee


Ivy Peng

Community Exec (Open Place)  
To be elected Community Exec (Open Place)  
To be elected Community Exec (1 Go Volunteer Rep)  

Societies Executive Commmittee

Sophie McDermott Societies Exec (Open Place)  
Lucy Kershaw Societies Exec (Open Place)  
Liam McCullion Societies Exec (Open Place)  

Athletic Union Executive Committee

Ryan Doran AU Exec  
Leo Brugomaster-Westbrook AU Exec  
Megan Lord AU Exec  

Media Executive Committee

Jared Moore Courier Representative  
Sunil Nambiar Courier Representative  
Laura Staniforth Courier Representative  
Harry Parsons NSR Representative  
Ava Forbes NUTV Representative  

Volunteering Executive Committee

To be elected Go Volunteer Representative  
To be elected Open Place  

Open places

Elena Douglas Open Place  
Jack Green Open Place  
Jonathan Hall Open Place  
Renee Mayor Open Place  
Chloe Novak Open Place  
Siobhan Waddell Open Place  
Amelia Webb Open Place  
Zane Youssef Open Place  

Casual Places


20 Casual Places are available for each meeting, which are

allocated randomly from the pool of applicants, using a random number generator.

To request a place e:mail

The deadline for requesting a place is 48 hours before each Council.



Official observers

Angela Horend Council Secretary  
Simon Gerry Chief Executive  
Lindsey Lockey Director of Membership and Democratic Services  
Gillian Salmon Student Trustee  
Carmen Huang Student Trustee