How to write and submit a motion

Council motions are set out in a particular format so it is easy for those voting to understand what the motion is attempting to change and why.

There are 3 parts to a council motion:

  • Council Notes - where you state the facts relating to your motion, including references where possible
  • Council Believes – where you state your opinions about the issue you are trying to change. This can be as emotive and contentious as you like, however Steering Committee will remove any comments which are offensive, personal or defamatory in nature.
  • Council Resolves – where you state what you want to change and how. This is the part that will become NUSU policy if the motion passes.

Example motion 

Motion title: ‘Christmas’

Students’ Union Council Notes:

  1. It’s Christmas in less than 3 weeks’ time.

Students’ Union Council Believes:

  1. In Father Christmas.

Students’ Union Council Resolves:

  1. To mandate the President to ensure a mince pie, carrot and glass of sherry are left outside the Union Building for Father Christmas and Rudolph.

Please remember to link to any referencing in the last box, for instance you may have included a report as evidence or a news article.