Vote without being a member!

At each Student Council meeting, 20 Casual Places will be available for any student who would like to come along and have a vote. To apply for a Casual Place, either complete the sign-up form below (you will need to log in to the website first) or email Angela ( The deadline for applying for a Casual Place is 48 hours before each meeting, so usually the Tuesday before at 5pm.

If you are not allocated a Casual Place or not bothered about having a vote, don't forget, you can still attend, eat the food and participate in the meeting, you just won't have a vote. Also, if any of the students allocated a casual place do not turn up by the start of the meeting, their casual place will be re-allocated.  

What is Student Council?

Student Council is the highest student representative body in your Students' Union and is something that you can all get involved in. It exists to ensure that students have a say over how their Union is run and what policies are adopted.  Student Council can discuss the campaigns we run, the events we support, hear what your elected officers are up to, and scrutinises the work we are doing every day for our students. It also decides on what major issues may need representing to the University, or nationally within the student movement. But none of this works without students. This really is your chance to have your say. So what are you waiting for. Register for a voting place today!