Student Community Rep.

NUSU are keen for Newcastle University students to have a bigger presence in the local community as well as knowing their rights as residents. Alongside this, we want to take every opportunity to shout about the valuable contribution students give to Newcastle. The Community Rep is a student representative living in one of designated areas where there is a high number of student residents. These areas include Jesmond, West Jesmond, City & West, Heaton, & Sandyford.

Meet your Rep About the Role

Meet Sabrina De Gouveia.

Sabrina De Gouveia was appointed into the role of Community Rep for this academic year. If you could like to contact this Rep position, or any of our Student Life Reps, please email us below with your query.

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About the Role.


Time commitment:

At least 1-2 hours per week minimum (average over period of office).

Main Tasks:

  1. To ensure that the student voice is heard in the local area and other key areas where students are present, as well as working alongside the City Council and residents to enrich the local community and student involvement in it.   
  2. To ensure that student know their rights and where they can access support if/when needed. 
  3. To report back on community focussed meetings they have attended to the Student Life Executive.    
  4. To safeguard student interests within the community.    
  5. Promote community activity in local areas that might be of benefit to students.   
  6. Lead on community projects and campaigns set by the Chair of Student Life Exec, including the NUSU Housing Campaign. 


  1. Community Unity Group - A University meeting working with NUSU, Northumbria and other stakeholders on current issues in accommodation and the local community. 
  2. Student Life Exec – a NUSU meeting where members of the Student Life Exec (SLE) lead on campaigns and projects decided within the Exec to enhance and improve student life for the students they represent. 
  3. Student Council – NUSU’s highest student representative body that gives you and all the students of Newcastle University a say on what your Students’ Union should be focusing on and how it’s run. 
  4. Relevant stakeholder meetings depending on current projects, campaigns and issues. 
  5. Students In Newcastle Forum (SINF) Housing Sub Group – This group meets 3 times per year to discuss current housing issues and feeds into the main SINF. Members include representatives from NUSU, City Council and Northumbria SU.