Ethics & Environment Rep



"Social responsibility, sustainability and effectiveness are three of NUSU’s key values. Helping NUSU achieve these values, the Ethics & Environment (E&E) Rep works with students and on behalf of students to push forward with NUSU’s sustainable values, ethical responsibilities and each of our individual roles as global citizens."


Chloe was appointed into the role of Ethics & Environment Rep for this academic year. If you could like to contact this Rep position, or any of our Student Life Reps, please email with your query.

About Me

Hi, my name is Chloe. I'm a first-year environmental student, with a focus on clean technology. As the Ethics and Environment Representative it is my responsibility to further the discussion and educate students on each of our individual roles as global citizens regarding sustainable lifestyles and ethical responsibilities. I hope to continue the progress of the Students' Union regarding the sustainable use of resources and climate action. Please email if you have any questions for me.

My Responsibilities

  1. Work with the NUSU President to implement policies on sustainability. 
  2. Convenes the Student Environment & Sustainability Committee at least six times a year.  
  3. Liaise with student sustainability representatives from Schools and NUSU societies to deliver activities, initiatives and campaigns.  
  4. Work with the University’s Sustainability Team to promote student engagement, representation and stainable development across the University.