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"Living in University halls and accommodation can be every kind of experience rolled into one. You can love it one day and then suddenly need a break the next. The Student Life Exec (SLE) wants to fully support the student voice in halls and will have focused campaigns and projects to support that aim. The Hall Rep is a student volunteer who lives in and represents students living in University or University partnered halls and accommodation. They represent these students at the SLE and other forums or groups."


Serena was appointed as Halls Rep for this academic year through a formal application process. Please email to contact any of our Student Life Reps, or check out their helpful resources below.

About Me

I am Serena, your Hall Rep for the academic year 2020/21. I am a PG student living in student accommodation and now, in the light of the current state of affairs, I would like to let you know that I will do my best in supporting you! As a student who has been living in halls for 4 years now, I am experienced in living away from home; I have been through all stages: from enjoying the freedom to worrying over how to best manage my budget. However, in these unprecedented times, I appreciate that the experience of living in halls is not what you were hoping for and I genuinely understand. As an extroverted person myself, I truly miss inviting my friends over and, surprisingly, having discussions with my lecturers alongside my course. Nevertheless, what’s now helping me get through these challenging times is acknowledging that I am not the only one experiencing these worries. In a nutshell, you are not alone! You’re part of a community that needs support now more than ever, and I am sure that together we can create a sense of belonging and get the most out of this year, despite the pandemic!

Having said that, I would like to assure you that I will close with Residence Life and the Accommodation Team to enrich your stay here. These services are here for you, therefore you should not hesitate when it comes to sharing your needs and concerns with them- more information about them can be found below. 

Last but not least, I wanted to let you know that I am proud of you! I am sure the decision to live away from home wasn’t taken lightly, and I truly appreciate your courage! Stay safe!


ResLife aims to support students in adapting to university life, and also to give them a listening ear whenever they have concerns or simply want a piece of advice. They have a broad range of events every day of the week, from Quiz evenings to Netflix Parties! I am also a member of ResLife, so if you have any suggestions with regards to the events you’d like us to organise, you can always let me know and I will do my best in putting your ideas into practice!

You can find more about ResLife events on their official Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram:

  • Castle Leazes Student Village: clreslife_ncl
  • Park View Student Village: pvreslife_ncl
  • Kensington/Park Student Village: kpreslife_ncl

Accommodation Team

With regards to Accommodation services, they are committed to offering you a safe and clean environment. The Residences Team are also in charge of carrying out the necessary repair. You can report any faults through a digital repair form here or by simply emailing your reception.

Contact Me

Please email to contact any of our Student Life Reps.