Student Volunteer Rep.

Volunteering is rewarding on many different levels and the Student Life Exec (SLE) recognises the importance of this. We want to support student volunteers to enrich the projects and campaigns of the SLE and the Volunteer Rep’s role in this is crucial. The Volunteer Rep represents and supports volunteering within the SLE projects and campaigns - from looking at how volunteering could be embedded into projects and campaigns, to finding volunteers to get involved.

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Meet Sandhya Java.

Sandhya Java was appointed into the role of Volunteer Rep for this academic year. If you would like to contact this Rep position, or any of our Student Life Reps, please email us below with your query.

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About the Role.


Time commitment:

At least 1-2 hours per week minimum (average over period of office).

Main Tasks:

  1. The recruitment and support of student volunteers involved in the Student Life Exec (SLE) projects and campaigns. 
  2. Working closely with Go Volunteer staff to update Student Life Exec (SLE) on current projects, campaigns and views of student volunteers. 
  3. Promotion of volunteering impact within the SLE. 
  4. Identifying and working with local charities to enhance the Student Life Exec (SLE) volunteering opportunities, projects and campaigns. 


  1. Student Life Exec – a NUSU meeting where members of Student Life Exec (SLE) lead on campaigns and projects decided within the Exec to enhance and improve student life for the students they represent .
  2. Student Council – NUSU’s highest student representative body that gives you and all the students of Newcastle University a say on what your Students’ Union should be focusing on and how it’s run. 
  3. Relevant stakeholder meetings depending on current projects, campaigns and issues.