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The Education Awards.

Hosted by Newcastle University Students’ Union, The Education Awards (TEAs) are students' opportunity to show their appreciation and reward exceptional staff from across Newcastle University who have had a massive impact on their student experience. Find out who our 2021 winners are below.

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Time to Nominate.

Last year we received a massive 674 nominations & we were incredibly impressed with the high quality of the nominations submitted. This year, we want to continue showing the amazing impact Newcastle University staff have on your student experience.

Nominations close on March 1 (9am)

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Award Categories.


This award recognises any member of teaching staff –including postgraduate students who teach– whose methods and approaches motivate you to engage actively with your learning, both on-campus and remote. When nominating, you may wish to consider how their approach to teaching influenced the learning environment; how adaptable they were to your academic needs; what learning and teaching material they offered, and how this helped your learning. 

There is one award per Faculty, and one award encompassing our global campuses (INTO Newcastle University, Newcastle University in Singapore, and NUMed Malaysia). 


“Interactive websites explaining the details behind the coding we are being taught have been constructed, two for every week of term. Every week also has a practice associated with it, accompanied by a comprehensive guide explaining the practical and theory behind it. […] They are also changing the way that the module is taught, in their words, they are teaching it the way they wish they had been taught statistics. As someone coming from a maths background, I can honestly say they have made the experience of learning statistics enjoyable, something I did not think possible. ?[…] They have also inspired students to learn more about statistics and the programme which we are using to explore them.” 

This award recognises any member of staff whose efforts have enhanced your employability or helped you to achieve your career goals. This might take the form of providing excellent careers advice or guidance; enhancing your CV or portfolio; organising events with employers or alumni; assisting you in gaining a placement or work experience position; making you aware of career opportunities within your field or helping you to secure a job or study place upon graduation. 


“Once I had started the role, they were always available to help me, guide me, and make work easier. Rather than working for them, I was working with them.  There were many things I had never done before, such as processing as much data as I did, but they helped me to figure out how to choose and pick the most important information. Often, they trusted my judgment when I did not and that truly did wonders for me. They proofread my work repeatedly and suggested improvements while ultimately letting me make my own independent choices such as the major theme of the report.  They allowed me to choose my own working space to make me comfortable.” 

This award recognises any member of staff who has supported your learning in some way outside lectures and seminars. This may have been in the form of ensuring that you have everything you need in the lab, providing you with hard-to-find learning resources or generally contributing to the smooth running of your course. 


Both in their role as Postgraduate Research Director, and as an academic supervisor, they have nurtured our holistic academic growth, in addition to providing invaluable hands-on support for the myriad issues we faced throughout the year. At a time when it is easy to feel invisible and alone, they made us feel seen as valued fellow academics and human beings, and as an important part of a wider, supportive community. 

This award recognises any member of staff who has supported you during a difficult period. When nominating a staff member for this award, you should outline the ways that their help has positively impacted your studies. 


I am incredibly appreciative of the lessons they have taught me and the impact they have had on my life. I now no longer doubt my abilities and I strive towards opportunities that would have terrified me four years ago. They allowed me to recognise that my disability wasn’t a hindrance, within my personal life and in my planned career, and their support has been truly invaluable across the last four years. Because of them I have become a determined and ambitious individual who leads a far happier life, and words cannot express how much of this has foundation in their support and guidance throughout my time at university. I will forever be grateful for the person they have made me today. 

This award recognises any member of staff who has made specific efforts to ensure that all students, regardless of disability, race, or other protected characteristics have equal opportunities to succeed. This may take the form of developing alternative assessment methods which test a wider range of skills than more traditional approaches; researching the attainment gaps within their school or institute and taking specific measures to tackle them; or simply nurturing a welcoming, inclusive and empowering environment.  


They have shown their dedication to making sure I and other students get to work in an inclusive environment that celebrates everyone's unique culture and talents. These collaborations helped to foster a healthy working environment to study and learn. This has had a positive effect on me as it has been difficult to transition to a new country, school, and program during a Global Pandemic. Their efforts to even select me for the program show their commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

This award is given to a member of staff whose exceptional feedback has helped you improve as a student. When nominating a member of staff in this category, you may wish to consider factors such as the format of feedback (e.g. face-to-face, email), its depth and clarity and how it has positively impacted on your learning.    


“They are a passionate educator who really takes their time to craft constructive and detailed feedback for their students - a beautiful balance between praising the student for the strengths of their work and pointing out which areas could be furthered polished. They have helped me so much in my academic work ever since I was a clueless Year 2 direct entry international student at Newcastle, up until the final few weeks of my degree.” 

You should nominate a member of staff to this category if you are an undergraduate or postgraduate taught student who has received exceptional guidance and support from the supervisor for your dissertation or similar project. When nominating your supervisor for this award, you should detail how their supervision, whether it was face-to-face or virtual, has enabled you to research and write a better thesis. You may wish to consider their availability, their responsiveness to your ideas, how they have helped you resolve any issues that may have arisen during your research and the impact that this had on your project. 


“Their continuous guidance and support throughout my undergraduate research project helped me to improve my research skills and achieve a First. They provided me with a challenging, yet exciting area to investigate, and welcomed my contribution. Their encouragement allowed me to develop my critical-thinking skills and become a more independent researcher.”  

This award recognises outstanding supervisors of postgraduate research students. Their guidance, whether it was delivered in person or virtually, will have enhanced your abilities as a researcher as well as helping you overcome any personal or professional obstacles you may have faced. Factors you may want to consider when nominating a member of staff in this category are their accessibility, ability to communicate successfully and how they have prepared you for the next stage of your career.      


“They not only motivate their PhD students to achieve our research outcomes, but also care about our well-being at a personal level. […] They encourage us to be creative and independent with our research, yet we feel secure in knowing that we can seek advice and support at any time where we need it. They care deeply about our career progression and give personal advice to improve. They are always thinking about potential conferences to attend/present at, training aids and career opportunities?in order to?better ourselves. They deeply encourage us to have a healthy work/life balance and understand when personal things sometimes get in the way. They are a strong advocate for gender equality and will stand up for us when this is questioned. They give regular motivational messages and talks, telling us that we are doing well and is always eager to hear about our progress. Importantly, we feel like they are proud of us and the work that we have done.”?? 

This category recognises the efforts of any staff member who has made specific and outstanding efforts to nurture the student community in your School or Institute. This could take the form of participating in the Student-Staff Committee or Student-Voice Committee; supporting Peer Mentors, societies or any student-led initiatives that promote community; nurturing research groups and communities for PGR students, or working in ways that create a sense of belonging.


2022 Ceremony.

Last year we unfortunately were not able to put on an in-person ceremony due to the ongoing situation regarding Covid-19.

This year we are so happy to announce that we plan to hold an in-person ceremony for the TEAs in march 2022. If you study at the University’s Newcastle campus and your nomination leads to a member of staff being shortlisted you will receive an invite to the ceremony alongside your shortlisted member of staff.

TEAs Reports.


We are excited to share the TEAs Report 2021 with you; we believe that this is our most in-depth and insightful TEAs Report to date. We hope that you find the Report engaging, and we are sure that you will be as inspired as we are by its accounts of exceptional teaching and support during the incredibly challenging last 18 months! If you would like to discuss the findings in more detail you can contact

Previous Winners

On the evening of 29th April 2021, the virtual ceremony The Education Awards took place, bringing together staff and students to celebrate the amazing work of Newcastle University staff members and to announce the winners.

Hosted by Newcastle University Students’ Union, The Education Awards (TEAs) are your opportunity to show your appreciation and reward exceptional staff from across Newcastle University who has had a massive impact on your student experience. This year has been no exception as we received a record 674 nominations, across the 12 categories.

Hosted by your Education Officer, Sian Dickie, and Postgraduate Officer, Charlotte Boulton, Sian commented following the virtual ceremony: “This year’s TEAs have been a brilliant celebration of the amazing work of University staff through what has been an exceptionally challenging year. The volume and content of the nominations show how much students value the effort staff have put into this year and the appreciation they have congratulations to everyone who has been involved”.

Your winners for this year’s The Education Awards are:

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching – HASS Faculty

Dr Ronnie Das - Newcastle University Business School

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching – SAGE Faculty

Dr Roy Sanderson - School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching – FMS Faculty

Dr Caroline Allen - School of Psychology

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching – Global Campuses Faculty

Dr Rosita Louis - Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Taught Supervisor of the Year

Dr Ralf Kist - School of Dental Sciences

Research Supervisor of the Year

Professor Thomas Scharf - Population Health Sciences Institute

Outstanding Contribution to Feedback

Dr Michael Waugh - School of Arts and Cultures

Outstanding Contribution to Student Employability

Dr Joe Barton - Newcastle University Students' Union

Outstanding Contribution to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

Dr Ian McDonald - School of Arts and Cultures

Outstanding Contribution to Academic Support

Dr Lisa Garforth - School of Geography, Politics and Sociology

Outstanding Contribution to Personal Support

Dr Ruth Houghton - Newcastle Law School

Pandemic Solidari-TEA

Dr Elizabeth Evans - School of Psychology

Sian continued: “I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the students who nominated in this year’s awards and congratulations to all the shortlisted and winning staff. I would also like to thank everyone behind the scenes who planned and organised the awards and the virtual ceremony. It has been a terrific year for the TEAs and I am sure Livia will enjoy organising these awards next year!”

If you missed the ceremony, you can watch back NUTV’s live coverage of the event here.

Nominations for the 2022 TEAs will open over the graduation period and then again in the new academic year, so start thinking about who you would like to nominate for next year’s awards!

Last year we received a massive 543 nominations! Once again, we were incredibly impressed with the high quality of the nominations submitted. It really does show the amazing impact Newcastle University staff have on your student experience. 

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing situation regarding Covid-19 we were not able to host the usual TEAs ceremony in 2020. Instead, last year’s winning staff give their acceptance speeches and messages of thanks in the video below. The video also includes tributes from some of the students who nominated this year’s winners, explaining why the staff member they nominated is so deserving of their award. 

Download your copy here.

Download your copy here.

Download your copy here.

Download your copy here.

Download your copy here.

Download your copy here.

Download your copy here.

Download your copy here.