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Award Categories


Outstanding Contribution to Teaching*

*There will be one Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Award for each Faculty and one to cover both the University’s two Overseas Campuses the University’s Campus in London and the University’s INTO provision.

This award recognises any member of teaching staff –including postgraduate students who teach– whose methods and approaches motivate you to engage actively with your learning. When nominating, you may wish to consider how their approach to teaching influenced the learning environment; how adaptable they were to your academic needs; what learning and teaching material they offered and how this helped your learning.

There is one award per faculty and one encompassing the global campuses (NU London, INTO, Singapore Campuses (NUIS), NUMed (Malaysia)).

“They teach with enthusiasm and candor - no-nonsense but very willing to help those who are interested in the subject and who are willing to work hard.”

“Overall, they are an amazing lecturer who tailors their teaching to students' level and empowers us to be more competent and empathetic doctors.”

“You can tell they are extremely passionate about their subject and want us to learn and succeed.”

“I like the fact that they always put a positive spin on everything, even if mistakes have been made, as this is more encouraging and makes it less intimidating.”

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Outstanding Contribution to Student Employability

This award recognises any member of staff whose efforts have enhanced your employability or helped you to achieve your career goals. This might take the form of providing excellent careers advice or guidance; enhancing your CV or portfolio; organising events with employers or alumni; assisting you in gaining a placement or work experience position; making you aware of career opportunities within your field or helping you to secure a job or study place upon graduation.

“Even though they are a lecturer, they still take time to develop what some people might think as non-academic related skills, such as creative ideas, website management/design or presentation skills. They are also willing to personally introduce you to external companies you might be working alongside.”

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Outstanding Contribution to Academic Support

This award recognises any member of staff who has supported your learning in some way outside lectures and seminars. This may have been in the form of ensuring that you have everything you need in the lab, providing you with hard-to-find learning resources or generally contributing to the smooth running of your course.

“Not only did they assist us, but they made us more familiar with the equipment we were using and where things can be retrieved […] they embody reliability, competence, organisation and ethics of a professional.”

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Outstanding Contribution to Personal Support

This award recognises any member of staff who has supported you during a difficult period. When nominating a staff member for this award, you should outline the ways that their help has positively impacted on your studies.

“Before starting Uni again I felt hopeless and didn't think I was capable of completing my degree but with their continuous support and care I finally feel motivated and determined to not let my conditions stop me from achieving what I want. Their attentiveness to these conditions and the level of care they provide is unparalleled.”

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Outstanding Contribution to Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity

This award recognises any member of staff who has made specific efforts to ensure that all students, regardless of their protected characteristics, have equal opportunities to succeed. This may take the form of: diversifying module content so that it is more representative of the student body; including students in the co-creation of the curriculum; developing alternative assessment methods which test a wider range of skills than more traditional approaches; researching the attainment gaps within their school or institute and taking specific measures to tackle them; or simply nurturing a welcoming and encouraging environment.

“As someone who has a Student Support Plan as I struggle to concentrate for long periods of time and to complete all set readings, the adjustments they have created are outstanding. The fact they pre-planned having all the sources online by having someone scan all the book sources just shows how dedicated they are in ensuring that everyone has the right opportunity to succeed in their studies at Newcastle University.”

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Outstanding Contribution to Feedback

This award is given to a member of staff whose exceptional feedback has helped you improve as a student. When nominating a member of staff in this category, you may wish to consider factors such as the format of feedback (e.g. face-to-face, email), its depth and clarity and how it has positively impacted on your learning.

“When I requested their feedback on an essay […] they sent me an enormous paragraph which contained details about all the sections in the marking criteria and their opinion on it […] I admire their dedication.”

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Taught Supervisor of the Year

You should nominate a member of staff to this category if you are an undergraduate or postgraduate taught student who has received exceptional guidance and support from the supervisor for your dissertation or similar project. When nominating your supervisor for this award, you should detail how their supervision has enabled you to research and write a better thesis. You may wish to consider their availability, their responsiveness to your ideas, how they have helped you resolve any issues that may have arisen during your research and the impact that this had on your project.

“They took my disagreement with them, noted an interest I had discussed with them at a previous time, and helped me form this into my first piece of research. […] They thus gave me the space to prove myself when I needed it, while also keeping me on course for a high mark.”

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Research Supervisor of the Year

This award recognises outstanding supervisors of postgraduate research students. Their guidance will have enhanced your abilities as a researcher as well as helping you overcome any personal or professional obstacles you may have faced. Factors you may want to consider when nominating a member of staff in this category are their accessibility, ability to communicate successfully and how they have prepared you for the next stage of your career.

“Their intellectual generosity helped me to fit my research with the bigger picture that researchers currently hold […] Reflecting on the three years’ of my PhD journey, I can confidently state that [their support] has enabled me not to shrink at the mere hint of a criticism of my work and resolve issues as I see fit..”

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Student Choice Award

Are these TEAs not to your taste? The Student Choice Awards lets you create your own category! If none of the categories listed above capture the qualities that you want to recognise in a staff member, simply suggest your own award title and submit a nomination. If your nomination is considered outstanding by the judging panel, we will create the award for you and present it to the member of staff you have nominated.

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What do I need to know before nominating?

To nominate a member of staff for an award you need to complete the nomination form. To complete the nomination you will need to answer the following question about the member of staff: Explain why you have nominated this member of staff for The Education Awards and in your chosen category. In your explanation, detail how you feel this has had a positive impact on your University experience.

To give the staff member you are nominating the best chance of winning, it is important that you go into detail when answering the question. Examples of comments written about some of last year’s winners are highlighted in the Category Descriptions section above.

The information we gather from your nomination is really important to us as we may share your comments anonymously with the member of staff you nominate, your Head of School or Institute, the University’s Learning and Teaching Development Service as well as in TEAs publicity, reports, and presentations.

This not only helps makes the member of staff feel amazing but it also helps us to represent your academic interests as we can highlight to the University what you think makes great teaching and support, so hopefully, they do more of it. By completing the nomination form, you agree to us sharing the content with the above. Please note, at no point will your personal details be disclosed.

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