Hi, I am George and I am the Representation & Democracy Manager and I am the lead staff member of the Your Voice department. The main aspect of my role is coordinating the Academic Student Rep (School and Course Rep) structure at Newcastle University so that the reps achieve the best outcomes for the student body from the meetings they attend. I will also provide training and support to our Part Time Officers and I help organise the NUSU elections. I also support the Education Officer, Rowan, with the running of the annual Teaching Excellence Awards (TEAs).


If you have any questions about any of the above or would like to get involved, I would love to hear from you!


Tel: 0191 2393983

Email: rdm.union@ncl.ac.uk


Hi, I’m Joe. I work as the Representation & Research Coordinator at NUSU. My main responsibility is to provide training and support to Academic Student Repshelping them work effectively on behalf of the students they represent. I also assist our Education Officer, Rowan, with campaigns he is running to improve the learning experience of students at Newcastle University. In addition, I will be reporting on student opinion to the University through analysing surveys, running focus groups and writing reports.          


If you have any questions or want to get involved, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Tel: 0191 2393990

Email: rrc.union@ncl.ac.uk


Hi, I’m Kay and I am the Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator. The main purpose of my job is to provide support to the Officers to help them run effective campaigns and ensure the smooth running of NUSU Council. I also support our Community Reps in their outreach work in the local community and I also work with Ronnie, our President, to run the Hall Rep system, which gives students in halls the chance to have their say about their living experience in halls of residence.   If you have a campaign idea or would like to get involved in Student Council, please get in touch.


Tel: 0191 2393909

Email: cdc@ncl.ac.uk




As a team, we want to be able to show a measurable change or positive outcome for everything that we do; whether it is raising awareness, empowering our members, making a difference or turning concern into action.